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The Yocan Evolve Plus Vape pen has a larger battery and Atomizer coil than the original Yocan Evolve. The Yocan Evolve Plus series also features a built-in silicone container at the bottom of the battery so you can store your materials conveniently and discreetly. These vape pens also use Quartz...
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The Yocan Evolve vape pen is a discreet sleek wax vaporizer mod that delivers huge clean hits with it's Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) Technology. These coils also have a Functional Coil Cap to prevent messy leaks. Features : Long lasting 650mAh battery Brandnew QDC technology Quartz Dual Coil for HUGE...
Features: Dual Quartz Coil Micro USB Charging Built In Dab Jar (in base of battery) Specifications: Battery Capacity: 1100mah Resistance: 0.8ohms (Wax) Charging:  Micro USB Colors:  Black, Silver, Blue, Red Approximate Size:  5.06 X 0.55 inches Includes: 1 x Evolve PLUS Atomizer 1 x Yocan Evolve D Plus Atomizer 1 x...
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Yocan Evolve Special Edtion "A" Peace Design "B" Art Design "C" Lips Design "D" Gun Design  "E" Eyes Design For concentrates  Long lasting 650mAh battery  Evolve atomizer  Extra quartz dual coil  Concentrate tool 
For Concentrate Vaportech Globe 510 Kit The Kit Includes : Glass Globe Mouthpiece Base 2 Metal Atomizer Coil Cartridge
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Conseal A Wax Vaporizer 3.7V 280mah Rechargable Battery Automatic Senser Battery Includes USB Charger & Charger Adapter
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Yocan has just released a vape pen kit that allows you to vape wax, thick oil, and dry herb with one kit.  You get a full Evolve wax pen as well as an Evolve-C atomizer with a thick oil cartridge and an Evolve-D dry herb atomizer.  The kit comes with...
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Yocan Hive 2.0 all-in-one device for juice and concentrate. Color May Vary. 1ct. Includes: 1x Box Mod 1x Juice atomizer 1x Concentrated atomizer 1x Connector 1x Pick Tool 1x User manual 1x Micro USB cable   For Juice & Concentrate Yocan Hive 2.0 is a special version box mod kit...
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Includes: Battery Pen Cap Atomizer USB Charger Instructions
The Boost Black Edition presented by Dr. Dabber is a wick-less and coil-less, water filtration system vaporizer meant for convenience, flavor, and a wonderful vaping experience. The Black Edition boasts larger nails, luxury packaging, and a larger modular heating element. The device heats up to an optimal temperature with a...
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The Yocan Pandon Quad Wax Pen is a compact handheld wax vaporizer you can carry anywhere that features DUAL DUAL quartz rod coils for intense vaping. The Pandon is a must have for new and experienced users. Features : Longer lasting 1300mAh Battery QUAD Coil Uses Two Quartz Dual Coils...
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Features : Vaportech Dabster Kit For Wax Features both visual and discrete chambers sleek and contemporary black or chrome colors. The chambers pack a slow-burning, single ceramic, titanium wrapped coil. Includes : Visual Heating Chamber Discrete Heating Chamber 650 MAH VV Battery Stainless Steel Dab Tool Storage Jar USB Charger...
ZEUS is a portable W vaporizer, built with purity in mind. Designed by the creative team of 'Puff Puff Pass It' and manufactured by the leading W vaporizer company, Yocan Technology, ZEUS is truly a game changer for all Conc./W smokers. The kit includes two types of coils to satisfy a variety...
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Yocan Magneto Pen Vaporizer for Concentrates - With New Layered Ceramic Coil The Magneto delivers huge clean hits with its ceramic coil. The wax melts on the first layer, then goes into the second layer to atomize. The hole on the side is designed for speeding up the vaping process....
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The Exxus Snap Concentrate Vaporizer by Exxus Vape is the perfect stealth unit for those who want a superior experience. It delivers a large volume of vapor and rich flavor from essential oils in a compact form that travels easily. With a no-leak design and magnetic connections, this vaporizer is...
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The Sutra Selfie is an auto-draw oil vaporizer. After the huge release with the Sutra Mini, Sutra Vape makes a gigantic leap with this device. The 3.7V Vaporizer utilizes a 250mAh internal battery along with magnetic rings to fit your desired cartomizers. This entire kit includes a 0.5ml cartomizer, too....
The Dr. Dabber Aurora is a variable voltage, magnetic vaporizer pen designed with the user in mind. Fully Magnetic connection makes for a seamless user experience, three carefully calibrated heat settings allows you freedom to experiment, and a sleek, discreet satin finish keeps things low key. Features : Vape Dab...
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Conseal V Variable 2 in 1 Wax Vaporizer Variable Voltage 3.2V, 3.7V, 4.2V 1.9Ohm 650mah Battery 0.5ml Conseal H2 Tank Automatic Senser Battery Includes USB Charger & Adapter
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Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer. 1ct. Magnetic Connection between the atomizer tube and base No more sticky thread to screw on or off,the Evolve Plus XL introducing a modern vaporizer design with Magnetic Connection between atomizer tube and base,saving your time.It is an evolution forward in vaping,improving all the ways that a vaporizer...
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Vaportech Reloader Kit comes with everything you need, including a 900mAh VV Battery with magnetic attachment, a 360 Ceramic coil and a self-clean and splash proof glass design.Kit Includes:Glass CoverReloader CoilStainless Steel Dab ToolMagnetic Ring USB ChargerStorage JarFeatures:Heats in under 2 secondsSplash Proof / Self-Cleaning Design* provides steady heat throughout...
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Features :   Smooth, Shinny and has an elegant looking finish The vaporizer is shaped like a pen, slim and elongated This is a perfect shape which makes it possible to carry it in your pocket or hand Incredible levels of power and technology collide to create a vaporizer that...
Conseal B Wax Vaporizer 3.7V 1.9Ohm  650mah Battery 0.5ml Conseal H2 Tank Automatic Senser Battery Includes USB Charger
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The Yocan Evolve Plus Arsenal Tool Edition is designed with purity in mind. The Yocan atomizer coils are crafted with quartz instead of traditional ceramic, for the purest experience. The Yocan Quartz Dual Coil (QDC) guarantees a clean and smooth experience. The Yocan Plus Arsenal Tool Edition has the same purity of the...
Dr. Dabber Aurora X AHOL Limited Edition Vaporizer Pen Kit Introducing the Dr. Dabber Aurora X AHOL Limited Edition Vaporizer Pen Kit.  This collaboration masterpiece was made possible by the talented Miami graffiti artist David Anasagasti.  David, best known as AHOL Sniffs Glue provided the masterful design for this limited Aurora...
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The Flick is a powerful 2-in-1 device focusing on simplicity, discreetness and convience for vaping Juice and Concentrate. Offering up great flavor and crystal smooth texture, the simple, yet elegant. Includes: 1 * Flick Box Mod 1 * Concentrated atomizer w/connector 1 * Micro USB cable 1 * Juice atomizer...
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The Yocan Explore is a 2-in-1 multi-vaporizer for both wax-like concentrates and dry herb mixtures. The Explore strives for the flavor experience, with an all ceramic dry herb chamber allowing true vaporization without burning your mix resulting in combustion or smoke. The herbal mouthpiece has a built-in stirring tool that sits inside the chamber allowing you...
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Perfect for on-the-go use, this vape pen is great for bringing out flavor in your wax. This is the Perfect pen for casual and serious vapers alike! The greatest thing about it is the design of the coils, which have TWO coils filling up the empty space that is usually...
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Vaportech Reloader Kit comes with everything you need, including a 900mAh VV Battery with magnetic attachment, a Triple Quartz coil and a self-clean and splash proof glass design.Kit Includes:Glass CoverReloader CoilStainless Steel Dab ToolMagnetic Ring USB ChargerStorage JarFeatures:Heats in under 2 secondsQuick heat design for rig-like dabs


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